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Esca Santé is a nursing placement agency across Quebec. As an emerging healthcare agency, Esca Santé is searching for healthcare professionals who are motivated to fill in the high demand of labour across the province. Founded by two extremely passionate registered nurses who pay close attention to ensure safe, competent & compassionate care is provided.

Why choose Esca Santé?

Esca Santé truly cares about their employees and clients. We work closely with our employees and clients in order to meet their specific needs. Our team is available for you at all times. Our employees are experienced and polyvalent. We offer various placements that allow you to acquire experience and promote your desired lifestyle.

Mission statement & values

Our mission is to provide efficient high quality care to our clients with the help of our highly qualified employees. Esca Santé stands out with a team who actively listens, empathetic, respectful, dynamic and available 24/7.

Our Values are:

Active Listening







Recent jobs that we fill

Looking for an exciting job in the health field? We have what you need. Apply today! and join a team of health professionals from all over Quebec?

Our services

Esca Santé offers various services in the medical field such as the following: home care, long term care facilities, private residences, hospitals, companion services

Service inquiry:
Esca Santé pays close attention to your needs. If you would like to have an estimate for our services below. Please fill up the form and we will get back to you promptly.

Private home service

Home services private for all age groups, clients will finally be able to find all the resources they need to avoid having to travel if they require health care.


We offer a living space where the care and safety of residents are the priority. Our range of treatments and services responds to the needs of a clientele with a heavy loss of autonomy.


We also offer our customers a service: - Hospitalisations and outing from hospitals - Consultations - Day hospital - Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, repatriation, etc.


We offer health and social services in our facilities, but also at school, at work and at home. Preventive or medical services. Public health activities

Support service

We ensure social assistance, support for vulnerable people

Our employees

Esca Santé, facilitates collaboration between our employees and clients in order to meet their needs and expectations.

Services offered to employees

Competitive salary

Flexible schedule (no weekly minimum hours required)

Paid training

A team that actively listens and who pays close attention to our clients and employees needs

Choose facilities and regions of interest

Promotion of work life balance and work study balance

Make your own schedule


Marianne J. Infirmière

Merci à Esca Santé pour votre aide qui m’a mené à un emploi à côté de chez moi. Je vous remercie de votre gentillesse. Votre recruteur a toujours répondu à mes courriels . J’apprécie mon travail, j’espère celui-ci durera pour plusieurs années. Je recommande fortement vos services à mes amis qui sont à la recherche d’une opportunité.

Bobbie M. Client

ESCA Santé a aidé notre Clinique à trouver un infirmier et un technicien de Labo. Son équipe a été très professionelle, et a bien compris le type de candidat qu’on cherchait. La qualité du service chez ESCA Santé est impeccable, et je n'hesiterais par à re-travaillerr encore avec eux.

Olivier M. Infirmier

Durant ma recherche d’emploi, j’ai été en contact avec divers interlocuteurs d’agences de placement sans résultats concrêts. Or, l’accompagnement fourni par Esca Santé fut une vrai plus-value qui m’a permis d’évoluer au sein de me carrière et m'a permis d'obtenir l'emploi parfait au sein d’une entreprise qui me corresponde tant au niveau du mandat que des valeur.

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